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the 5th of April - hoagie

Apr. 5th, 2004

07:07 pm - the 5th of April

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wow, today was completly insane, i was in such a good mood, considering last week i was in a very stressed, kill me NOW, i hate everything mood, plus the why do people like to make me sad kind of mood (i'll stop flooding your mind with the thoughts of, eww thats was everyone else says RIGHT.......NOW!!!!!)

haha i loved today, i was all happy partially b/c i have admitted my love of the word: fucktard...which oddly everyone thought it was fucktart, um NO, get it right, fucktarD. henyway, whenever i say the word, according to liz (yay liz!) my face gets all screwed up and weird looking, i guess nothings really changed from my normal stance. i also discovered that there is a really hot french man (the one in the blue coat- get with it) and that POTC changed my whole perspective of guys (I LOVE THAT MOVIE :-D, its sooooooo wonderful!!!!). during study hall (last period and no teacher, so i went into the lobby with liz and lex-schwat?!?!) and was completly insane, like i was just sitting there holding my assingment book and i look over at liz and say "DIPSHIT!!!" really loud... it was one of those 1 timer things. it was a very fun study hall none the less, we also talked about how we loved the annoymus hot french guy, who oddly enough his host is thad (or phad according to toray), what opposites. ha ha.

so now we have a  new SUCK ASS rule that was put into action today: we can't bring our back packs into the cafeteria anymore, but leave them in the locker area or in the theater lobby. somehow this will cut down the theft that goes on (everyone knows that it will only increase it), make the "traffic" in the cafeteria better and just make lunch more enjoyable....wtf? 1 of the reasons was that the middle schoolers dont, so why should we, they dont have their bags in the cafeteria b/c they aren't allowed to carry them around at all, its so messed. so now that this is in place, ppl have to take out their valubles, like calculaters, cells, ipods/mp3s/cd players out of their bags and carry them around with them to avoid them getting stolen- what are we supposed to carry around seperate bags for those that we have safely bring into the lunch room? all i know is that this rule is complete bull...such crap...so of course as i was walking down the stairs with laura, i was like "oooooo now i have to put my bag in the lobby" (in my weird voice) and i said RIGHT as i opened the door RIGHT as mr nelson walked by me with a hurt/mad look on his face, oh fuck him, he sucks, for multiple reasons, 1 being that whenever i see him or he walks by me he says "hi!" to me whether or not he just walked by 5 minutes ago. what a creepy man....

henyway i only had spanish and history for homework...the best monday night hw load ever, cept for when i have nothing! plus annie and i are good for our english project so im not really sure what to do....maybe ill plan out our class presentation....like our visual haha i like my teacher words.


oh and...carolyn was there(lol ly)

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Date:April 6th, 2004 03:21 pm (UTC)


Woot sitting outside the theater on Monday! Omg that was amazing! I have to admit that "dipshit", "fucktard" and Vanessa yelling at Lex was classic... and *drool* what a HOTT French kid!!! Too bad they weren't in school today... Stupid trip to D.C... *pout* I'll have to oogle his face tomorrow... if they're there... Why weren't the Spanish exchange students hott? *pout* Well there was Eduardo... But he like stripped me with his eyes *gag*. Not cool. I guess I should be glad I stopped wearing those skank shirts... (The mesh ones with the creepy designs.)

So, hanyway, if/when you come to "chill" on Thursday... We should definitely watch POTC and squeal like the little fangirls we are. *squeeeee* And maybe some prank calls are in order? *grin* I haven't had a good one since the summer... ^_^

Haha Rachael's all pissed because she thinks I'm gonna get well... pissed (drunk/stoned context) at the YC concert. lmfao.

Me: Do you want to come to the concert with us?
Rachael: NO! You're going to do bad things there!
Me: I'm a teenager.
Rachael: You'll be killed in the mosh pit!
Me: I'm 90% on the charts for height. I won't.
Rachael: You're still small!
Me: Pfft. Last chance.
Rachael: NO!

Well I must go... I finished my work online... Call me on my cell, chica.
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Date:April 6th, 2004 04:12 pm (UTC)


i want to get stoned/drunk hahaha, i wanna be a "bad girl". but yay thursday!!!! um here comes peter cottontail...hopping down millbank road....hippity hop hop, easters on its way!!!! oh rashell, tell her HI
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