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Apr. 4th, 2004

03:50 pm

i <3 orlando bloom

after just watching PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, i have now been sucked into the relm of loving johnny depp and orlando bloom....sighhhh

POTC= my favorite movie

and now in sad b/c CAROLYN B doesn't like orlando bloom!

CABrown313 (3:52:20 PM): io dont know why but i dontthink orlando bloom is hot :-\
CABrown313 (3:52:29 PM): everyone ALWAYS says AHH WHATT
CABrown313 (3:52:29 PM): hahaha
CABrown313 (3:52:32 PM): so its ok if yo udo too
hoagie2007 (3:53:10 PM): OMG
CABrown313 (3:53:17 PM): i knowww
CABrown313 (3:53:20 PM): i dont know why
CABrown313 (3:53:22 PM): but i just dont.
CABrown313 (3:53:23 PM): hahah
hoagie2007 (3:54:02 PM): :-( DONT TALK TO ME
CABrown313 (3:54:25 PM): >:oYOURE NOT VERY ACCEPTING
hoagie2007 (3:55:25 PM): pish
hoagie2007 (3:55:50 PM): w/e i think ill survive but maybe you should watch the movie again and LEARN TO LOVE THE HOT MAN NAMED ORLANDO BLOOM
CABrown313 (3:55:51 PM): ITS PSH FUCKTARD
CABrown313 (3:56:57 PM): HAHAHA
CABrown313 (3:57:06 PM): ive only seen that movie once
CABrown313 (3:57:11 PM): i think lotr ruined it for me
CABrown313 (3:57:12 PM): *him

how hurtful :-(

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Apr. 3rd, 2004

09:48 pm - gotta love jersey

You PA dweller, you.
You're probably from PA. It's rough, but I'm sure
you talk enough shit about NJ. Look at your own
state, it's full of amish people and cow shit.
Who's laughin' now HUH?

How JERSEY are you?
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Mar. 18th, 2004

10:58 pm - a new found philosophy for a future soccer mom

when life hands you pearls

stick em in your ears

and drive the little fuckers to soccer practice

i think its very fitting for a soccer mom on the horizon, dont you? its just one of those things i say which counts in one of those lists titled: more words of wisdom from kristin. its right up there with: if a dog could talk, it could file for so many sexual lawsuits or having septuplets is like having a litter of kids! i would keep them in a box under the stairs, to which liz replied, im calling child services and you aren't even pregnant yet! ahhh the life of being a disguised blonde, after all it is the hair color of baby/toddler/young kristin...

henyway, today was a good day! i got my hair clipped, tis all layery and smooth!!! and i got my toenail's painted to prepare to the trip to ATLANTIS with miss mollay elizabeth cousins, watch out kid zone(the creepy "teen" club) b/c here we come. we've already divised plans to get drinks (non-virgin thanks) either from pretending to be 18, mooch off of other silly atlantisers and our stalkees, plus by jumping out of large trees and yelling "GET US DRINKS!!!!! WAHH"



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Mar. 14th, 2004

06:24 pm - im caving in to the quiz thing

Baby Spice
You're Baby Spice! Your Mummy's your best friend.
You're shy and sweet and cute and innocent and
could get away with almost anything, but you
don't because that would require you to stop

Which Spice Girl Are You?
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06:11 pm

le poo i have tried to write 2 long entries into this PIECE OF CRAP LJ (which will be a pretty color b.c i dont know why) and they have both deleted themselves....IT GIVES ME RAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!! i dont need more rage, i already chose the answer C for the ? "if your friend who is driving his car just had someone pull infront of him and is now very angry at them" and letter C was..." you would yell along with them"....im so constructive like that.... helpy and all. give me anger and ill give you rage, not really i just like to think that.

well im am very angered right now b.c i wrote a delightful entry about a horsey named Radcliff, such an evil bearing name, and my silly time at the barn with charmie boy and my friend. grrr...LJ needs to be nice to a girl who is getting sicker by the day. i may just have to sink to the level where all you write about in your journal are those silly questionaire things that take like an hour to fill out and taking quizzes, to late im already guilty of that one...

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Mar. 7th, 2004

02:42 pm - i loff the weekend

yesterday was very fun w/ tori at the flower show!! we got hammocks that are the best things EVER...so comfy, although i have no idea where im going to put it en mi casa. we took really funny pics of me in her car, i was trying to cross my eye but ended up only crossing one and i look like im stoned or bombed, either one works.
but now i have to finish my english paper, which sucks and it confused me even when i writting it on thursday, im really good at planning ahead aren't i? the night before, tadah! it was done at 10:30 @ night, i didn't do my other hw b.c of it...whatever who wants to do hw anyway, ever?!
so i have be done with my hw before 6 b.c its my mother's b-day so i have to go out to dinner with her and the grandparents, such funnnnn
but at least i got to go and groom/pet charm today, it was fun cept for when a horse named maxwell (haha alice, its like maxwell coffee) tried to take a chunk of my arm...i called him bastard, it was constructive, then i tapped his nose for bitting me...
well now i gotta go be simply brill while finishing up my paper...le sigh

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Mar. 1st, 2004

08:20 pm - hehe i love peanuts(the gang, not the food)

You are Franklin!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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08:04 pm - chocolate

i am so addicted to my chocolates that i got on saturday with molly. they are soooooooooooooo yummy, milk chocolate mint smidgens. they are hard choco on the outside then mint filling. www.gertrudehawk.com GO THERE AND GET YOURSELF SOME!!!!

henyway...today was a funny day, i was SO HYPER! it all started with liz's delic choco chip banana bread mmmm then i went to classes (le poo), but in science i was so hyper! and ive discovered my new favorite word SWAMP...or as i say thwomp, with a lisp of course! le sigh im very tired now and i still have to do homework, but my chocolates make me very happy :-) how sad am i??

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Feb. 29th, 2004

10:14 pm - ohh la la

i love watching the preshow of the oscars... all of the gorgeous dresses and love-e-ly jeweeeeels, all sparkley diamonds...how i want one (im so sad)! tori--buy me one if im not married before in 40 (hehe, ill return the favor)

well i MUST get back to watching the glitz and glam because its very important to know who won and whos wearing what! i dont care if i sound all materialistic, i just like fashion, poo! i think im going to get a gown and wear it to school and wow everyone with my beauty and style...hey its an idea

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Feb. 26th, 2004

09:11 pm - but i am le tired

im so tired....le yawn...stupid english essays and even stupider MUSIC ESSAYS grrrr school is such a bother
henyway...i saw CHARM today and i loff him so much, he is soooooooo soft!!! and precious :-D i dont get to see him til saturday but TOMORROW IM GOING A LA BAILA CON MOLLAY so its all worth it!!!!

You are Charlotte.
Congratulations! You are Charlotte.

Which Sex and the City Character Are You?
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