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hmmm, what is the subject? - hoagie

Jun. 10th, 2004

09:28 pm - hmmm, what is the subject?

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im so glad thats its summer! yay! no homework or obnoxious classes that confuse me and make me want, to well, cry/scream! HOORAY!
well liz told me to update, so here i am...updating....im going to camp in about 10 days, i wont get to see my friends that much this summer, crapper. instead ill be in virginia being all horsed up and seeing some kick-ass mullets- gotta love em. i fell off charm on tuesday and my hip is hurting like a bitch, stupid yellow/purple thing and i have a really cool tri-bruise thing going on on my knee. score...
each time i have to go away, whether its a weekend or a few weeks, it just reminds of the fact that I HATE PACKING!! its not that i dont want to go away, its just that i wish it would magically happen or some packing pro would do it for me. grrrrr its so annnoying getting organized for something thats unpredictable in some ways.
i hope that everyone will write me while im at camping admiring the pretty mullets, do it or well DIE:
Kristin Thorkelson
NMF (New Meadow Farm)
863 Lotts Rd.
Steeles Tavern, Va 24476 <--memorize it and write me! it'll make me so happy...

Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: you belong to me- the doobie brothers